Matt Hulse

Matt HULSE (1968, UK) has been making films, animation, audio art and installations since 1990. His work is innovative and playful, crossing the boundaries of genres, techniques and platforms. Hulse is founder of the Audible Picture Show, a touring presentation of audio art works for darkened cinemas. Since 2009, he has been the organiser of the Sign Language Cinema festival, a showcase of deaf moving-image culture. Many of his shorts have been screened at IFFR. Dummy Jim (2013) is his second feature.


Mull Mother (1988, short), Purple Rinse (1989, short), The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock (1989, short), A Minimal Respect: Mexico City 1990, short), On Returning (1990, short), Overheated (1991, short), The Director's Cut (1993, short), Sine Die (1994, short), That Kilty Feelin (1994, short), How I Became the Centre of the Earth (1995, short), Idlevice: a Domestic Exorcism (1995, short), The Broadcasters (1995, short), Sons of Idlevice (1996, short), Releaser (1996, short), Baked Alaska (1996, short), Free Willy Three (1996, short), Take Me Home (1997, short), Rough Stroopwafels (1998, short), Timmy (1998, short), Wee Three (1998, short), Art Holiday (1998, short), Hotel Central (2000, short), Come On Let's Go (2000, short), Now I Am Yours (2001, short), Overheated 1991-2001: the Undiminished Intensity Mix (2001, short), Polskie Buty (2002, short), Loslassen (2002, short), God Save the Queen (2002, short), The Plot (2002, short), My Darkness Is Melting (2004, short), Jest tylko swiatlo/There Is Only Light (2004, short), Half Life (2004, short), Replay (2005, short), Harrachov (2006, short, co-dir), See Noise Hear Light (2007, short), Ivul Unmade (2009, short), Light Work (Many Hands) (2009, short), Follow the Master (2009), A Pilgrimage (2010, short), Elvis: The Lonely Hunter of Circle Beach (2012, short), Dummy Jim (2013)

Matt Hulse op IFFR