Martina Kudlácek

Martina KUDLÁCEK (1965, Vienna) studied at the University of Vienna and at the film and television academy in Prague. Her work comprises experimental documentary films and videos and photography. The full-length documentary In the Mirror of Maya Deren (2001) was her first international success. She also works as a researcher for a film archive.


(selection) Positivita (1994, doc), Maelström der Melancholie (1995, doc), Positivita (1994, doc), Maelström of Melancholy (1995), L'amour fou/Ludvik Svab (1995, doc), Aimless Walk/Alexander Hammid (1996, doc), Die letzten Helden (1997, doc), Im Spiegel der Maya Deren/In the Mirror of Maya Deren (2001, doc), Notes on Marie Menken (2006, doc), Fragments of Kubelka (2012, doc)