Martijn van Boven

Martijn van BOVEN (1977, Netherlands) lives and works in Amsterdam. He finished his education at the art academy in The Hague, makes experimental films and computer art, and teaches audio-visual design at the art academy in Arnhem. His film Walzkörpersperre (2013) is part of Vertical Cinema, a compilation programme consisting of ten experimental films on 35mm celluloid, made for projection on a monumental vertical screen.


(selection) 0012:21 (2002, short), (2004, short), Slowly Evolving (2004, instal), Q-bit (2005, instal), CEC 1911 L (2006, short), CEC 1511 L (2006, short), Interfield (2007, short), A Thousand Scapes (2009, short), Field Notes from a Mine (2012, short), Walzkörpersperre (2013, short, co-dir)