Mark Sawers

Mark SAWERS (Canada) graduated from the University of British Columbia in 1989 and has since been active as a screenwriter and filmmaker. He has developed various shorts, television series and fiction films. In Cannes, he won the Canal+ Award for Best Short Film for Shoes Off! (1998).


Hate Mail (1992, short), Stroke (1993, short), The Kids in the Hall (1994, tv-series), Best Wishes Mason Chadwick (1995), Shoes Off! (1998, short), Shadow Raiders (1998, tv-serie), Don’t Eat the Neighbours (2001, tv-series), Lonesome Joe (2003, short), Alienated (2004, tv-series), Alice, I Think (2006, tv-series), About a Girl (2007, tv-serie), Pure Evil (2009, tv-movie), The Assistants (2009, tv-series), Exposed (2010, short), Mr. Young (2011, tv-serie), Camera Shy (2012), No Men Beyond This Point (2015)