Mark LaPore

Mark LAPORE (1952-2005) was influenced by the practises of the Lumière brothers, Andy Warhol and Robert Bresson. He expanded a tradition of experimental documentary filmmaking, practiced by Cavalcanti, Wright, Rouch, Gardener, the Macdougals, Hutton and Gehr.


( all short) Halloween (1973), Medina (1983), Work and Play (1983), Submission (1988), Sudan Rolls (1989), The Sleepers (1989), A Depression in the Bay of Bengal (1996), The Five Bad Elements (1997), The Glass System (2000), Mekong (2002), Lunatic Princess (2005), River of Lying (2005), Princess Nicotine (2005), Shop Windows (2005), Untitled (for David Gatten) (2005), Kolkata (2005), Untitled (revised) (2005)