Marjoleine Boonstra

Marjoleine BOONSTRA (1959, Amsterdam) is a visual artist, film maker and photographer. She studied at the Amsterdam Arts University and at the Dutch Film Academy. Her documentary Bela Bela (2001) won the L.J. Jordaanprijs.


(selection) Pose (1984), Kosmopoliatana (1985), Thermisch water (1988), Blue Highway (1991), Our Man of Kazachstan (1993), Foreign Nightingale (1994, co-dir), Back to Square One, Sa Nule (1996), Ulay - In Photography (1997), Hongkongoria (2000, co-dir), Bela Bela (2001), Britanya (2003), Cold and Warm Bodies (2003, co-dir), Gadzo, Gadze/White Man, White Men (2004), Haven (2004), Robert, Mary and Katarina (2006, short doc)