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Marco Berger op IFFR

After graduating from Universidad del Cine in Buenos Aires, Marco BERGER (1977, Argentina) competed in both Cannes and Sundance with his first short film in 2008. The thematic approach in El reloj is repeated in almost all of his subsequent work: sexual tension between seemingly heterosexual men. In 2011, Berger's third feature film Ausente won a Teddy Award for best film, the official queer award of the Berlin International Film Festival.


El reloj (2008, short), Una última voluntad (2008, short), Plan B (2009), Cinco/Five (2010), Ausente/Absent (2011), Tensión sexual, Volumen 1: Volátil/Sexual Tension: Volatile (2012, co-dir), Tensión sexual, Volumen 2: Violetas/Sexual Tension: Violetas (2013, co-dir), Hawaii (2013), Taekwondo (2016), Un rubio/The Blond One (2019), El cazador/Young Hunter (2020)

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Marco Berger op IFFR

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