Manon de Boer

Manon de BOER (1966, India) lives and works in Brussels. She studied at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam and the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam. She makes films, videos and installations. She is also part of the production and distribution platform Auguste Orts. In 2014, she made the short film sequenza with composer and violinist George van Dam.


(all short) Robert, June 1996 (1996), Laurien, March 1996 (1996), The Monologues (1997), Shift of Attention (1999), Recalling Names and Places (1999), Robert, October 2001 (2001), Laurien, September 2001 (2001), Sylvia, March 1, 2001, Hollywood Hills (2001), Sylvia Kristel - Paris (2003), Resonating Surfaces (2005), Presto, Perfect Sound (2006), Villes saisies/Captured Cities (2007), Two Times 4'33" (2008), Dissonant (2010), Think About Wood, Think About Metal (2011, doc), one, two, many (2012), sequenza (2014, co-dir)