Malena Szlam

Malena Szlam op IFFR

Malena SZLAM from Chile is a filmmaker and artist who lives and works in Montreal. Situated at the intersection of experimental film and installation art, her installations and in-camera edited films engage with the material nature of analogue cinema. She is also a member of Double Negative, a collective of independent artists interested in analogue film and experimental cinema. Her work has been exhibited at IFFR, Edinburgh IFF, Toronto IFF, FICValdivia and Hong Kong IFF. ALTIPLANO (2018) is selected for the Tiger Short Competition at IFFR 2019.


Chronogram of Inexistent Time (2008, instal), Beneath Your Skin of Deep Hollow (2010, short doc), Javi (2011, short), Lunar Almanac (2014, short), Morfología de un sueño/Morphology of a Dream (2018, short), ALTIPLANO (2018)

Malena Szlam op IFFR

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