Lucile Desamory

Lucile DESAMORY (1977, Belgium) started making films in 1997. Her works range from slapstick minimal horror to stop-motion animation. In her broad artistic practice Desamory also includes diorama and performance. She works regularly in collaboration with people such as Kevin Blechdom, Nicholas Bussmann and Luke Fowler on both ?lm and music, and Birgit Megerle and Lucy McKenzie on installations and ?lm. Her short films have been shown internationally, including at the Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain (Paris), cinema NOVA (Brussels) and the British Film Institute (London).


La Polyclinique de la Peur (1997, short, co-dir), Crachat (1997, short, co-dir), La Fesse Noire (1998, short), L'infirmière Cannibale (1999, short), Vandales et Vampires (1999, short), L'ennemi (2000, short), Clone Zone (2000, short, co-dir), Le générateur d'ondes électro-psychiques (2000, short), Untitled (2001, short, co-dir), A l'ombre de l'hyperboloïde (2004, short), Countdown to Nothing (2004, short, co-dir), Be Kind to Your Neighbourg(s) (2006, short), Haut les Coeurs (2007, short), Foules (dans l'atelier de Christophe Berhault (2010, short), Dark Matter (2010, short), Abracadabra (2013)