Lina Sieckmann

Lina Sieckmann op IFFR

Lina SIECKMANN (1988, Germany) is director, editor and producer. As a duo, she and Miriam Gossing have made several experimental films, combining documentary imagery with fiction and found footage. Their work is shown internationally at exhibitions and film festivals, including Rotterdam. Their short documentary Souvenir has its world premiere at IFFR 2019.


(all co-dir) Sonntag, Büscherhöfchen 2 (2014, short doc), Desert Miracles (2015, short doc), Ocean Hill Drive (2016, short doc), One Hour Real (2017, short doc), Edifice (2018, short), Souvenir (2019, short doc, co-dir)

More info: Gossing & Sieckmann

Lina Sieckmann op IFFR

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