Lernert Engelberts

Lernert ENGELBERTS (1977, Netherlands) and Sander PLUG (1969, Netherlands) are two Dutch artists and friends who started collaborating on art related projects. Since their first video Chocolate Bunny (2007) they've been working on commercials, leaders, art movies, documentaries and installations. Their aim is to make simple and communicative works, that takes little note of the existing border between contemporary art and commercial projects. Both Engelberts and Plug are contributors of Butt Magazine and are currently living and working in Amsterdam.


(selection, all co-dir) Chocolate Bunny (2007, short), I Love Alaska (2008, short), Color Correcting (2008), A Dog and Pony Show (2009, music video), Coffin Poser (2009, music video), CDEFGABC (2009, short), Hoe vertel ik het mijn ouders #1/How To Explain My Parents # 1 (2009, short)