Kumar Shahani

Kumar Shahani was born in 1940 in Larkana, Pakistan. Between 1958 and 1962 he studied political science and history. After attending a film study, he was given a scholarship to study at the IDHEC in Paris and a year later he was assistant director to Bresson. In 1972 he made his first long feature film Maya darpan.


Films: The Glass Pane (1965, short), Down Manmad Passenger (1965, short), A Certain Childhood (1967, short), Rails for the World (1970, short), Object (1971), Maya darpan (1972), Fire in the Belly (1973, short), Our Universe (1976, short), Tarang (1984), Var var vari (1987, short), A Ship Aground (1988), Khayal gatha (1989), Kasba (1990), Bhavantarana (1991), Char Adhyay (1997).