Kiko Goifman

Kiko GOIFMAN (1970, Brazil) was trained as an artist and anthropologist. The combination of these disciplines can be seen in his oeuvre, which includes documentaries, installations and new media. His work has been shown in various retrospectives at festivals, and has been awarded several times.


Tereza (1992, korte doc), Fábulas da Vó de Arturo (1993, kort), Linguach Ula (1994, kort), Clones bárbaros replicantes (1994, doc), Na velocidade dos Morcegos (1995, kort), Valetes em/Slow Motion (1998), Olhos pasmados (2000, kort), '33' (2003, doc), Morte densa/Dense Death (2003, kort), Território vermelho/Red Territory (2005, kort), Sex and Cloister (2005, korte doc), Acts of Men (2006, doc), Handerson e as horas/Handerson and the Hours (2007, korte doc), FilmeFobia/FilmPhobia (2008), Olhe pra mim de novo (2012, doc), Periscópio (2014)