Khalik Allah

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Khalik ALLAH (1985, USA) is a photographer, cameraman, cinematographer, and director. Using only analog cameras, his photography depicts the colorful characters that wander through Harlem, New York at night. His work, consisting of remarkable portraits, raw documentaries, trailers and short films, is often referred to as ‘street opera’. In 2016, Allah worked as a cinematographer and assistant director for Beyoncé’s video album Lemonade. With his latest documentary, Black Mother (2018), the filmmaker travels back to the homeland of his mother: Jamaica. The film won the Yellow Robin Award at Curacao IFFR 2018.


(selection) Popa Wu: A 5% Story (2010, doc), Field Niggas (2015, doc), Black Mother (2018, doc)

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Khalik Allah op IFFR

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