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Kevin Jerome EVERSON (1965, USA) was educated in fine arts at the universities of Ohio and Akron. He is an artist and maker of numerous short films and features about the working-class culture of black Americans. In 2006, Everson was voted one of the 25 most important new faces in independent cinema by Filmmaker Magazine. In 2012, he received the prestigious Alpert Award for Film and Video. Multiple mid-career retrospectives were devoted to his work, including exhibitions and retrospectives at the Whitney Museum of American Art (2011) and Centre Pompidou (2009), but also at film festivals such as Vienna International Film Festival (2014) and Visions du Réel (2012). Everson is also a professor at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville.


Eleven Eighty-Two (1997, short), Six Positions (1998, short), Imported (1999, short), Merger (1999, short), Second Shift (1999, short), Thermostat (2000, short), Avenues (2000, short), Room Temperature (2001, short), The Daily Number (2001, short), Pick Six (2001, short), A Week in the Hole (2001, short), 72 (2002, short), Special Man (2002, short), Fumble (2002, short), Un Euro Venti Due (2002, short), Vanessa (2002, short), Sportello Quattro (2002, short), Pictures From Dorothy (2003, short), Aquarius (2003, short), Chemistry (2003, short), From Pompei to Xenia (2003, short), Fifeville (2005, short), Blind Huber (2005, short), Two-Week Vacation (2005, short), Memoir (2005, short), Twenty Minutes (2005, short), Spicebush (2005), Cinnamon (2006), $37.37 aka Munchen, Raphaela (2007, short), The Virginia Line-Up (2007, short), The Picnic (2007, short), Next to You (2007, short), The Principles (2007, short), Nectar (2007, short), Something Else (2007, short), According to… (2007, short), The Reverend E. Randall T. Osborn, First Cousin (2007, short), North (2007, short), Emergency Needs (2007, short), O.T. (2008, short), Broad Day (2008, short), 140 Over 90 (2008, short), Ike (2008, short), The Wilbur (2008, short), Wolf Ticket (2008, short), Ring (2008, short), Key to the Cities (2008, short), Playing Dead (2008, short), Home (2008, short), Ninety-Three (2008, short), Undefeated (2008, short), Second and Lee (2008, short), The Golden Age of Fish (2008), The Simple Antennae (2009, short), The Citizens (2009, short), Lead (2009, short), Honorable Mention (2009, short), Around Oak Grove (2009, short), Telethon (2009, short), The Camps (2009, short), Watchworks (2009, short), 753 McPherson Street (2009, short), Old Cat (2009, short), Company Line (2009, short), Act Three: Finale (2010, short), Act Two: Stop Drop Roll (2010, short), Act One: Betty (2010, short), American Motor Company (2010, short), Fillmore (2010, short), House in the North Country (2010, short), BZV (2010, short), Erie (2010), Corn and Cotton (2011, short), Fifteen An Hour (2011, short), Half On, Half Off (2011, short), The Pritchard (2011, short), The Equestrians (2011, short), Quality Control (2011), Second Place (2012, short), The Woode Calf (2012, short), The Mayberry Practice Calf (2012, short), Local 748L (2012, short), Delivering Multiple Stings (2012, short), Chicken (2012, short), Early Riser (2012, short), Rita Larson's Boy (2012, short), Ten Five in the Grass (2012, short), Chevelle (2012, short), Century (2012, short), Stoplight Liberty (2013, short), Blue Caps (2013, short), The Juneteenth Columbus, Mississippi (2013, short), Stone (2013, short), Charlie’s Proof (2013, short), Workers Leaving the Job-Site (2013, short), Rhinoceros (2013, short), The Island of St. Matthews (2013), U of Virginia Charlottesville, VA 1976 (2013, short, co-dir), The Release (2013, short), Sugarcoated Arsenic (2014, short, co-dir), The New Wild Buckeye Explosion (2014, short), Vanilla Cake With Strawberry Filling (2014, short), Ninety, Ninety-Five (2014, short), Tygers (2014, short), Mansfield Product Company (2014, short), Sound That (2014, short), Fe26 (2014, short), A Saturday Night in Mansfield Ohio 2(2015, short), Grand Finale (2015, short), Three Quarters(2015, short), Regal Unlimited (2015, short), Smooth Surface(2015, short), Three Items a Shelf(2015, short), Production Material Handler (2015, short), Park Lanes(2015, doc), Ez Touch (2015, short), Oscar at 8903 Empire (2015, short), Lost Nothing (2015, short), Shadeena (2015, short), We Demand (2015, short, co-dir), Ears, Nose and Throat (2016, short doc), Auditioning for Nathaniel (2016, short), Eason (2016, short), Tonsler Park (2017, doc), Improvement Association (2017, short doc), Fastest Man in the State (2017, short, co-dir), How Can I Ever Be Late (2017, short, co-dir), Black Bus Stop (2019, short, co-dir)

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