Juan David González Monroy

Juan David González Monroy op IFFR

Juan David GONZÁLEZ MONROY (1983, Colombia) is a visual artist based in Berlin. Since 2010, he has been working with the German artist Anja Dornieden under the moniker OJOBOCA. Their body of work consists of short films, performances, installations and workshops. OJOBOCA has presented its works internationally at a wide variety of venues. Both González Monroy and Dornieden are members of the artist-run film lab LaborBerlin.


(all short) The Circle of Confusion (2008), Tunnels (2009), How to Catch a Mole (2009), And It Was Good (2009, doc), Awe Shocks (2011, co-dir), Oro parece (2012, co-dir), The Handeye (2012, co-dir), Eigenheim (2012, co-dir), A Flea's Skin Would Be Too Big for You (2013, co-dir), Come and Dance with Me (2013, co-dir), Gente perra/Dog People (2014, co-dir), Wolkenschatten/Cloud Shadow (2014, co-dir), The Masked Monkeys (2015, co-dir), Heliopolis Heliopolis (2017, co-dir), The Skin Is Good (2018, co-dir), Comfort Stations (2018, co-dir)

More info: ojoboca.com

Juan David González Monroy op IFFR

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