Joshua Gen Solondz

Joshua Gen Solondz op IFFR

Joshua Gen SOLONDZ is an artist working in images, performance, installation, and sound. He has exhibited in a variety of festivals including Images, Onion City, Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen, and New York Film Festival. Solondz has also screened at UnionDocs, Light Industry, Harvard Film Archive, and Black Hole, among others, and has received awards from Black Maria Film Festival, New Orleans Film Festival, and Ann Arbor Film Festival. He lives in Los Angeles.


(all short) Deviations From The Wheel (2007), Videos With Mom (2008), NO! (2008), Keratin Reserve (2009), MocaBoca (2009), little fountains (2010), RED(2011), CouchSurferz (2011), Burning Star (2011), Prisoner's Cinema (2012), Against Landscape (2013), It's Not a Prison If You Never Try the Door (2013), Lapse (2014), Carbidopa-Sandwich (2014), Perfect Fantasy (2014), Luna e Santur (2016), Nightmare Arson Fire (2017) 

Joshua Gen Solondz op IFFR

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