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Joko ANWAR (1976, Indonesia) worked as a film critic for The Jakarta Post until he wrote the groundbreaking The Gathering (2003), Indonesia's first gay-themed film which win the award for Best Film at the Indonesian Film Festival. Two years later, he wrote and directed his feature-film debut Joni's Promise, an international festival favourite. His fifth feature, A Copy of My Mind (2015), was nominated for a Horizons Award at the Venice Film Festival. Anwar's films feature sensual and edgy details.


Janji Joni/Joni's Promise (2005), Dead Time: Kala (2007), Pintu terlarang/The Forbidden Door (2008), La promesse (2009, short), Modus Anomali/Ritual (2012), A Copy of My Mind (2015), Pengabdi Setan/Satan's Slaves (2017), Perempuan tanah jahanam/Impetigore (2019)

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Joko Anwar op IFFR

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