John Maybury

John Maybury (1958, London) made his first super8 films in his youth. Since 1977 he has worked for Derek Jarman as costume and set designer and since 1982 he has made his own avant-garde films. He made music videos for e.g. Neneh Cherry and Sinead O'Connor, among them the famous Nothing Compares 2U.


The Court of Miracles (1982), Circus Logic I-IV (1983), The Dream Machine (1983), Big Love - An Invitation to Disaster (1984), Glistening With Energy (1984, short), Pagan Idolatry (1984, short), Torturos That Laugh (1986, short), Union Jack Up (1987, short), L'inseperazione (1988, short), Sinead O'Connor, The Value of Ignorance (1989), Absurd (1989, short), Millenium (1990, short), You Do Something to Me (1990, short), Tunnel of Love (1991, short), Man To Man (1992), Premonition of Absurd Perversion in Sexual Personae, Part I (1992), Remembrance of Things Fast (1993, Love Is The Devil (1998)