John Duigan

John Duigan op IFFR

John Duigan (1949, Hampshire, England) grew up in Australia where he studied philosophy and history. He acted in the sixties and seventies in countless short films and published two books. He made his directing début in 1975 with The Firm Man.


The Firm Man (1975), The Trespassers (1976), Mouth to Mouth (1978), Dimbola (1979), Winter of our Dreams (1981), Far East (182), One Night Stand (1984), The Year My Voice Broke (1987), Romero (1989), Flirt (1990), Wide Saragasso Sea (1993), Sirens (1994), The Journey of August King (1995), The Leading Man (1996), Lawn Dogs (1997)

John Duigan op IFFR

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