Johan van der Keuken

Johan van der Keuken (1938, Amsterdam) published his first book of photographs, We are Seventeen (1955), at the age of 17. Later it was followed by Behind Glass (1957), Paris mortel (1963) and After Image (1992). Since 1977 he has written a column for the film magazine Skrien. He has published a collection of his texts about film and photography in the books Zien Kijken Filmen (Seeing Watching Filming, 1980) and Abenteuer eines Auges (Adventures of an Eye - Hamburg, 1987). In 1998 in Paris appeared Aventures d'un regard, elected for best filmbook of the year. Since completing his training at the IDHEC in Paris (1956-1958) he has made more that fifty films. In 1988 he received the Netherlands Culture Prize for his complete oeuvre. This year he received the Persistence of Vision Award at the San Francisco International Filmfestival.


Paris a l'aube (1957-60, short), Sunday (1960, short), A Moment's Silence (1960-63, short), Yrrah (1962, short), Tajiri (1962, short), Opland (1962, short), Lucebert, Poet-Painter (1962, short), The Old Lady (1963, short), Indonesian Boy (1964, short), Blind Child (1964, short), Beppie (1965, short), Four Walls (1965, short), In the Nest With the Rest (1965, short),Herman Slobbe / Blind Child 2 (1966, short), A Film For Lucebert (1967, short), Big Ben / Ben Webster in Europe (1967, short),The Spirit of the Time (1968, short), The Cat (1968, short),The Street is Free (1968, short), Velocity: 40-70 (1970, short),Beauty (1970, short), Diary (1972), Bert Schierbeek/The Door (1973, short), The White Castle (1973), Vietnam Opera (1973, short), The Wall (1973, short), The Reading Lesson (1973, short), The New Ice Age (1974), Filmmaker's Holiday (1974, short), The Palestinians (1975, short), Springtime (1976), Maarten and the Double Bass (1977, short), Flat Jungle (1978), The Master and the Giant (co-dir: Claude Ménard, 1980), The Way South (1980-81),Iconoclasm / A Storm of Images (1981), Time (1984, short), Toys (1984, short), I Love $ (1986), Wet Feet in Hong Kong (1986, short), The Unanswered Question (1986, short), The Eye Above the Well (1988), The Mask (1989-90, short), Face Value (1990-91),Brass Unbound (co-dir. Rob boonzayer flaes, 1992-93), Sarajevo Film Festival Film (1993, short), Tony's Birthday (1994, short),Lucebert, Time and Farewell (1994, short), On Animal Locomotion (1994, short), Amsterdam Global Village (1996), Amsterdam Afterbeat (1997, short), To Sang Fotostudio (1997, short), Last Words - My Sister Yoka (1935-1997) (1998, short), Der grote vakantie /The long holiday (2000), Onvoltooid tegenwoordig / For the Time Being (2002)

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