Joel Zito Araújo

Joel Zito Araújo op IFFR

Apart from being a director, Joel Zito ARAÚJO (Brazil) has produced 29 award-winning documentaries, features and narrative shorts raising awareness to social issues in Brazil, particularly the nation’s Afro-Brazilian population. Among his impressive body of work, the highlights are his feature-length fiction film Daughters of the Wind (2004), which brought together the largest black cast in the history of Brazilian cinema and won eight awards at the prestigious Gramado Film Festival and his documentary Cinderellas, Wolves, and One Enchanted Prince (2008) about sexual tourism and exploitation in Brazil.


O efêmero estado União de Jeová/The Ephemeral Union State of Jehovah (1999, doc), A negação do Brasil/Denying Brazil (2000, doc), Filhas do Vento/Daughters of the Wind (2004), Lobos e Um Príncipe Encantado/Cinderellas, Wolves and a Charming Prince (2009, doc), Raça (2013, doc), Meu amigo Fela (2018, doc)

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Joel Zito Araújo op IFFR

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