Jodie Mack

Jodie Mack

Jodie MACK (1983, UK) gained an MFA in film, video en new media from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She is an independent filmmaker and curator and teaches animation. Mack's abstract, handmade films use collage to explore the relationship between graphic cinema, storytelling and the tension between form and meaning. The works unleash the kinetic energy of overlooked and wasted objects and question the role of decoration in daily life. She received the Helen Hill Award from the Orphan Film Symposium in New York in 2010. In 2014, IFFR screened a collection of five films in Shorts Special: Jodie Mack. She was a 2018/19 Fellow at the Film Study Center at Harvard University.


(all short) Untitled (for R.) (2003), Two-Hundred Feet (2003), Ebullition (2004), A Joy (2005), All Stars (2006), Mannequins Harlequin (2006), Lilly (2007), Yard Work is Hard Work (2008), Twilight Spirit (2009), I Wanna Dance with Somebody (2009), Harlequin (2009), Rad Plaid (2010), Posthaste Perennial Pattern (2010), Unsubscribe #1: Special Offer Inside (2010), Unsubscribe #2: All Eyes on the Silver Screen (2010), Unsubscribe #3: Glitch Envy (2010), Unsubscribe #4: The Saddest Song in the World (2010), August Song (2011), The Future is Bright (2011), Point de Gaze (2012), Persian Pickles (2012), MackDash (2012), Blanket Statement #1: Home is Where the Heart is (2012), Blanket Statement #2: All or Nothing (2013), Let Your Light Shine (2013), Glistening Thrills (2013), Dusty Stacks of Mom: The Poster Project (2013), Undertone Overture (2013), New Fancy Foils (2013), Blanket Statement #2: It's All or Nothing (2013), Razzle Dazzle (2014), Something Between Us (2015), Curses (2016), Wasteland No. 1: Ardent, Verdant (2017), Goody Goody (2017), Hoarders Without Borders (2018), The Grand Bizarre (2018), Wasteland No. 2: Hardy, Hearty (2019)

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