Jennifer Reeves

Jennifer REEVES (1971, USA) is a filmmaker based in New York. Her work explores themes such as mental health, feminism, sexuality and landscapes. Since 2003, Reeves has created multiple-projection film and music performances. Reeves also teaches film part-time at the Cooper Union and the School of Visual Arts in New York.


Elations in Negative (1990, short), Girls Daydream About Hollywood (1992, short), Taste It Nine Times (1992, short), Monsters in the Closet (1993, short), Configuration 20 (1994, short), The Girl's Nervy (1995, short), Chronic (1996, short), We Are Going Home (1998, short), Darling International (1999, short, co-dir), Fear of Blushing (2001, short), Swamp People (2002, instal), The Sons of Bitches Turned out the Lights Again (2003, short), He Walked Away (2005, instal), Untitled (2004, instal, co-dir), The Time We Killed (2004), Meet Me At the Arch (2005, short, co-dir), Shadows Choose Their Horrors (2005, instal), Light Work I (2006, short), He Walked Away (2006), Light Work Mood Disorder (2007, short, instal), When It Was Blue (2008, instal), Trains Are for Dreaming (2009, short), Landfill 16 (2011, short)