Jelmer Wristers

Jelmer Wristers op IFFR

In 2016, Jelmer WRISTERS (1991, Netherlands) graduated in Audiovisual Media from the HKU University of the Arts in Utrecht with the short fiction film Das (2016). This work was successfully funded with a crowdfunding project at With Das, Wristers won one of the wildcards from Filmfonds at the Netherlands Film Festival in 2016. Before making his graduation film, his other works included the short De Jager (2014) and the installation Mania (2013). 


(all short selection) Een vlinder zal ik niet horen (2013), Mania (2014), Harmonica (2014), Vi-deo (2014), De jager (2014), Das (2016)

Jelmer Wristers op IFFR

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