Jeff Scher

Jeff SCHER (1954, USA) is a filmmaker, animator and painter. His films are a regular presence at The New York Times online edition. Scher's works are part of the permanent collection of numerous museums, including the MoMA, and his films have been screened at film festivals around the world. Scher began making films while at high school and according to his own words most of his films 'celebrate one or another aspect of life. The idea is to make a sequence of images and scenes and shots that create an emotion, that take you to a place'.


Aria Striata (1978, short), Reasons To Be Glad (1980, short), Prisioners of Inercia (1989), Milk of Amnesia (1992, short), Real Sex (1992, short), Garden of Regrets (1994, short), Nerve Tonic (1995, short), Warren (1995), Four Letter Heaven (1995, short), Trigger Happy (1997, short), Yours (1997, short), Bang Bang (1998, short), Postcards from Warren (1998, short), Sid (1998, short), Turkish Traffic (1998, short), Grand Central (1999, short), The Jacobsons (2001), You Won’t Remember This (2002, short), Spin Cycle (2003, short), Spin Cycle 2003), The Jacobsons (2001, shorts), While You Were Sleeping (2003, short), Still Loaf with Guitar (2003, short), Lost and Found (2004, short), Coke Girl (2005, short), Woman on the Beach (2005, short), Memento Mickey (2005, short), Double Playdate (2007, short), Oxygen (2007), Oxygen (2007, short), Paper View (2007, short), White Out (2007, short), L’eau Life (2007, short), Tulips (2008, shorts), Dog Days (2008, shorts), Remains to be Seen (2008, short), The Parade (2009, short), Clarence (2010, short), Matchstick (2011, short), Starts & Stripes (2011, short), Summer Stories (2010, shorts), Pretty, Dead (2010, shorts), You Might Remember This (2011, short), Spring City (2011, short), September Mourning, a 9/11 Requiem (2011, short), Summer Sketches (2012, short), Tunnel vision (2013, short)