Jeanne Liotta

Jeanne Liotta op IFFR

Jeanne LIOTTA (New York) maakt films 'en andere culturele vergankelijkheden'. Ze houdt zich onder andere bezig met video, fotografie, kunst op papier en live-projecties.


Blue Moon (1988), Optical Promises (1996), After Bellocq (1996), Versprechungen (1997), Valiantly She tried to Explain What lay Behind the Flimsy Trappings (1997), Ceci N'est pas (1997), What Makes Day and Night (1998), Mayday (1998), Bees and Ears (1999), Muktikara (1999), Rothko Variations, Manifesto! (2001), Maria Movie (2001), Window (2001), Placid Unto (2003), L’air du Temps (2003), Loretta (2003), Saudade de Tavira (2004), Hephaestus of the Airshaft (2005), One Day This May No Longer Exist (2005), Eclipse (2005), Science’s Ten Most Beautiful; = 2 GALILEO and =10 Foucault (2006), What We As Humans Trying Fallibly Forever (2006), Quote by Carl Sagan (2006), Work for the Night is Coming (2006), Observando El Cielo (2007), Sutro (2009), Sweet Dreams (2009), Crosswalk (2010).
With Bradley Eros: Soma Sema (1988), Open Sesame (1989), fungus eroticus (1990), Dervish Machine (1992), Subverted Horseplay (1995)

Jeanne Liotta op IFFR

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