Jean-Gabriel Périot

Jean-Gabriel PÉRIOT (1974, France) is a filmmaker of short films and is often inspired by images from archives. His films have a strong emotional approach and contain historical political themes. Périot's work has been screened and awarded at many international film festivals.


(all short) Parades amoureuses/Loving Flirts (2000), Gay? (2000), Journal intime/Intimated Diary (2001), 21.04.02 (2002), Avant j'étais triste/Before I Was Sad (2002), Et pourquoi pas: "bodymakers, falbala, bazaar" etc... etc...(2002), Lovers (2004), Rain (2004), Devil Inside (2004), We Are Winning Don't Forget (2004), Medicalement (2005), Undo (2005), Dies Irae (2005), Under Twilight (2006), Eût-elle été criminelle…/Even if She Had Been a Criminal… (2006), 200 000 Fantômes/200 000 Phantoms (2007), Entre chiens et loups/Between Dogs and Wolves (2008), L'art delicat de la matraque/The Delicat Art of the Bludgeon (2009), Les Barbares/The Barbarians (2010), Regarder les morts/Looking at the Dead (2011), Nos jours, absolument, doivent être illuminés/Our Days, Absolutely, Have to be Enlightened (2012), The Devil (2012), Le jour a vaincu la nuit/The Day has Conquered the Night (2013), L'optimisme/Optimism (2013), We Are Become Death (2014)