James T. Hong

James T. HONG (1970, USA) received a PhD in philosophy at Urbana-Champaign but soon afterwards moved to filmmaking with a focus on art or documentary. He works together with his wife Chen Yin-Ju. They are an interdisciplinary art team that produces installations, performances, films and video works. As individual artists, they assist each other with specific projects.


(selection) Condor: A Film from California (1998), Decade Null (1999), Behold the Asian: How One Becomes What One Is (1999), The Spear of Destiny: A Film for Everyone and No One (2003), Taipei 101: A Travelogue of Symptoms (2004), The Form of the Good (2005), Total Mobilization (2005, co-dir), Suprematist Kapital (2006, co-dir), The Coldest War: Part 1 (2006), Die Entnazifizierung des MH/The Denazification of MH (2007), 731: Two Versions of Hell (2007), End Transmission (2010, doc, co-dir), Submissions to a Small World (2010, short, co-dir), Lessons of the Blood (2010, doc, co-dir)