James Herbert

James HERBERT (1938, Boston, Massachusetts) lives in Athens, Georgia, where he is Professor of Art at the University of Georgia. He studied with the abstract expressionist painter Clyfford Still and the experimental film maker Stan Brakhage. As an artist he exhibits all over the world; his paintings and above all his films are to be found in many important public and private collections. Among his music videos are twelve for R.E.M. Several of his features have been shown at the Rotterdam festival.


(selection) Automan (1990, short), John Five (1992, short), Di luce in uce (1993, short), Waves and Particles (1995, short), Kola and Sana (1995/96, short), A Peach, A Bird, A Fish (1995-6), Scars (1997), Speedy Boys (1998), La Presenza (2000), Jumbo Aqua (2001, short), Rabbit Pix (2004), Abandoned House (2007)