Jairo Ferreira

Jairo FERREIRA (1945-2003) was a critic and journalist, poet, music
composer, filmmaker, actor, and production photographer who intimately chronicled the São Paulo film scene. Recognized today mainly for his foundational book The Cinema of Invention (1986), an alternative history of Brazilian cinema, he started his career in 1966 as a film critic for São Paulo Shimbum, the Japanese community newspaper in which he was the only author whose writings appeared in Portuguese.
Working mainly in Super-8mm, Ferreira’s diary works are, among other things, some of the most lyrical portraits of São Paulo committed to film. He also produced two 35mm shorts, including the widely praised O guru e os guris (1977).


(selection) O vampiro da cinemateca/The Vampire of the Cinematheque (1976), O guru e os guris (1977, short), O insigne ficante/The Insig Nificant (1980)