Jacques Ertaud

Jacques ERTAUD (1924-1995, France) was a filmmaker and screenwriter. After World War II, he started his career in documentary films alongside filmmaker Marcel Ichac. From the late 1960s, he started to work regularly for French television. As a director, Ertaud was involved in several big sports events like the Tour de France, the Olympic Games and the New York Marathon. He worked together with the acclaimed directors Robert Bresson and Louis Malle. His documentary Le maillon et la chaîne (1963) received an Oscar nomination.


(selection) Ski total (1962, short doc), Le maillon et la chaîne (1963, doc, co-dir), Les rendez-vous de l’été (1966, short doc, co-dir), La tuile à loups (1972, TV), Ne pleure pas (1978), Catherine Courage (1993, TV)

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