Jack Smith

Jack SMITH (1932-1989) was born in Columbus, Ohio. As a biographer wrote, Jack Smith is the American avant-garde. He was active as a filmmaker, actor, playwright, photographer and illustrator for more than thirty years. Moving to New York in 1953, he helped transform the downtown scene into a vibrant and colourful display of glamour, sexuality and fantasy.


Respectable Creatures (1950, short), Buzzards Over Bagdad (1951, short), Overstimulated (1959, short), Scotch Tape (1959, short), Flaming Creatures (1962, short), The Yellow Sequence (1963, short), Normal Love (1963), No President (1967, short), Jungle Island (1967, short), I Was A Male Yvonne De Carlo (1967, short), Normal Love Addendum Reel (1968, short), Song for Rent (1969, short), Hamlet (1976), Hot Air Specialists (1980, short)

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