Ivo M. Ferreira

Ivo M. FERREIRA (1975, Portugal) has been acting in theatre, cinema and television productions since the age of five. At a young age, he enrolled in the London International Film School and the University of Budapest. He has worked as a director since 1997. Ferreira works with simplicity, commitment and freedom, making personal yet universal films.


O homem da bicicleta - Diáro de Macau/The Bicycle Man - Diary of Macau (1997, short doc), O que foi?/What Is It? (1998, short doc), Angola em cena (2002, doc), Contadores do príncipe (2002, doc), Em volta/Around (2002), À procura de Sabino (2003, doc), Salto em barreira (2004, short), Go with the Wind (2009), Águas mil/April Showers (2009), O estrangeiro/The Foreigner (2010, short, co-dir), Na escama do dragão/On the Dragon's Flake (2013, short)