Ismaïl Bahri

Ismaïl Bahri op IFFR

Visual artist and experimental filmmaker Ismaïl BAHRI (1978, Tunisia) studied art at Tunis Institute of Fine Arts and Paris 1. He describes his works as visual experiments that take varying forms – drawings, videos, photographs, installations and hybrids of these. His film Foyer (2016) was in the Bright Future Short Competition at IFFR and other short films from his hand have been selected at international film festivals in Toronto, New York and Marseille.


(selection, all short) Dénouement (2011), Attraction (2011), Ligne (2011), Film (2012), Orientations (2012), Foyer (2016, doc), Sondes (2017), Apparition (2019)

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Ismaïl Bahri op IFFR

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