Ishii Sogo

Ishii Sogo (Fukuoka, 1957) founded a production company while still a student. He made his first successful Super-8 film in 1976 and completed a 35 mm remake of it in 1978. Since then he has several action films and thrillers to his name, none of which could really be considered mainstream. He is also active in the music field, with his band MACH 1.67.


Kuku dai panic (1976), Kuku dai panic/Panic in High School (co-dir, 1978), Kuruizaki Thunder Road/Crazy Thunder Road (1980), Shuffle (1981, short), Bakuretsu toshi/Burst City (1982), Gyakufunsha kazoku/Crazy Family (1984), ½ Mensch (1986), Shiatsu ohja (1989, short), Angel Dust (1994), Mizunonaka no hachigatsu/August in the Water (1995), Yume no ginga/Labyrinth of Dreams (1997), Gojoe (2000), Electric Dragon 80,000 V (2001), Dead End Run (2004)