Irina Botea

After Irina Botea (Romania) completed her BSc in Geology and Geophysics at Bucharest University in 1995, she went on to obtain both a BFA and an MFA from Bucharest University of Arts (2001). She received a second MFA from the School of the Art Institute in Chicago in 2006, where she currently teaches. In her work she uses multiple media (digital video, film, video installation, performance, photography) and explores the role that trauma, history, language, and music play in the formation of the individual and the community.


(selection) Irony Venus (2001, short), Leo (2002, short), Aktion (2003, short, co-dir), Barefoot (2003, short), Batuta lui oprica (2003, short), Cow Session (2003, short), Enisa and the Shadows (2003, short), Home Electric (2003, short), Tiempo de la princesa (2003, short), Fatima, Natalie, Mich (2004, short), Menome 1 (2004, short), Where Do You Play Monopoly (2005, short), Elena Ladybug (2006, short), Out of the Bear (2006, instal), Reenactment (2006, short), Auditions for a Revolution (2006, short), Felicia (2007, instal), Felicia Says (2007, short), Stereotypical Conversations (2007, short), Total Comfort (2007, short), We, in the Year 2000 (2009, short), 15M Conversations (2011, short), Bruno (2011, short), Laura (2011, short), L’uccisione della coscienza/Pinocchio (2011, short), Menome 2 (2011, short), Before a National Anthem (How Do You Compose a National Anthem Today?) (2010, short), Film Postale - First Chapter (2013, short, co-dir), Picturesque (2013, short, co-dir), It is a Matter of Learning Hope (2014, short), Phalanstere (2014, short)