Imre Gyönggössy

Imre Gyönggössy was born in 1930 in Pécs. He attended the Academy for Dramatic and Cinematographic Arts in Budapest and graduated in 1961 as screenwriter and director. He was for years on the board of the Béla Balázs Studio of Young Film-makers and then worked mainly for the Mafilm Studios as script editor and director.


Férfiarckép / A Man's Portrait (1964), Változatok egy városra / Variations on a Town (1965), Virágvasárnap / Palm Sunday (1969), Meztelen vagy / Legend about the Death of Two Young Men (1971), Re magi (1973), Szarvassá vált fiúk / Sons of Fire (1974), Várakozók / Expectation (1975), / Memento (1975).