Ifa Isfansyah

Ifa ISFANSYAH (b. 1979, Indonesia) graduated from the television department of the Indonesian Institute of the Arts Yogyakarta in 2007. His first short, Be Quiet Exam Is in Progress! (2006), won an award for Best Short at the Indonesian Film Festival. His second short, Half Teaspoon (2008), was nominated for a Tiger Award for Short Films. His first feature, Garuda di dadaku (2009), was very successful in Indonesia.


(selection) Harap tenang ada ujian!/Be Quiet Exam is in Progress! (2006, short), Setengah sendok teh/Half Teaspoon (2007, short), Garuda di dadaku (2009), 9808 Antologi 10 tahun Reformasi Indonesia/9808 An Anthology of 10th Year Indonesian Reform (segment Huan chen guang/Happiness Morning Light, 2008), Belkibolang (2010, segment Chit Chat), Rumah dan musim hujan/One Day When the Rain Falls (2013)