Ida May Park

Ida May PARK (1879-1954, USA) was a screenwriter and filmmaker. She was the second female filmmaker at Universal, where she often collaborated with her husband Joseph De Grasse. In 1917, she directed her first film, The Flashlight, starring Dorothy Phillips and Lon Chaney. She directed several more films before leaving Universal. In 1920, she directed her final films, The Butterfly Man, starring Louise Lovely and Lew Cody, and Bonnie May and The Midlanders, both starring Bessie Love.


The Flashlight (1917, short), Fires of Rebellion (1917, short), The Rescue (1917), Bondage (1917), Broadway Love (1918, short), The Grand Passion (1918), The Risky Road (1918), A Model's Confession (1918), Bread (1918, short), The Vanity Pool (1918), The Amazing Wife (1919), The Butterfly Man (1920), Bonnie May (1920, co-dir), The Midlanders (1920, short, co-dir)

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