Ibrahim El Batout

Ibrahim EL BATOUT (1963, Egypt) started his career as a documentary filmmaker with the international TV stations ZDF, ARTE and TBS, telling stories of human suffering and loss, an approach that he has also applied to his fiction work since 2005. With Hawi - supported by the Hubert Bals Foundation - he won the prize for best Arabic film at the film festival of Doha.


A Day of an Ambulance Driver in Ramalla, Palestine (2000, doc), Three German Women Living in Gaza (2001, doc), The River that Connects Future EC Countries (2001, doc), Pilgrimage to Mecca (2002, doc), Drug Addiction in Kuwait (2002, doc), Mass Graves in Iraq (2003, doc), Baghdad (2004, doc), Ithaki (2005), I am a Refugee in Cairo (2007, doc), Ein Shams/The Eye of the Sun (2007), Hawi (2010)