Henri Plaat

Henri PLAAT (1936, Netherlands) lives in Amsterdam. He studied at the Rietveld Academy in the mid-1950s before going on to work as a topographic designer. In the early 1960s, Plaat decided to concentrate on painting and watercolour. In 1966 he started to make short fiction films and travelogues, usually with a small 16-millimeter hand-held camera.


(all short) Hitler Stay Away from my Door (1968), I Am an Old Smoking, Moving Indian Movie Star (1969), Dr. Imbédébilius (1970), El Cardenal/The Cardinal (1972), Real Fine Tea from Berlin (1972), It is not Surprising (1972), Laughter in the Rosary (1973), The Strange but Unknown Movie Star (1974), Postcards (1974), Sepp Södel Next Week (1975), Prestcold (1976), Sferen (1976), Lost Rooms (1977), Now That You are Gone (1977), Der Graf Von Rü (1978), Grave 17B (1979), Spurs of Tango (1980), Ladakh (1981), El nino perverso (1981), Other Thoughts 1 (1981), Fragments of Decay (1983), La Muerto en Vivo (1986), 2nd War Hats (1986), Return to Prestcold (1988), De ingekleurde droom (1989), Este Coche (1989), Other Thoughts 2 (1990), Madamme Ivonne (1990), Up Hill and Down Dale (1990), Fashion from New York (1990), On the Road a Smiling Stone (1992), Other Thoughts 3 (1992), Cuba (1993), Moroccan Lights (1995), Luz y sombra (1998), A Fleeting Dream (2004), Other Thougts 4 (2008)