Harmony Korine

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Harmony KORINE (b. 1974, USA) moved to the East Coast with his parents when he was five and grew up in Nashville and New York. He regards Godard, James Thurber, S.J. Perleman and Flannary O'Connor as his mentors. At the age of 19 he wrote the screenplay for Larry Clark's Kids (1994). Three years later he was ready for Gummo, followed by julien donkey-boy. After an absence of several years from the world of film, he returned in 2007 with Mister Lonely, followed in 2009 by Trash Humpers, shot on video, and his biggest production until now, Spring Breakers...


Gummo (1997), The Diary of Anne Frank Part II (1998, short), julien donkey-boy (1999), Mister Lonely (2007), Trash Humpers (2009), Mac and Plak (2010, short), Act da Fool (2010, short), Rebel (2011, instal), Umshini Wam (2011, short), Curb Dance (2011, short), Snowballs (2011, short), Lotus Community Workshop (2011, short), The Fourth Dimension (2012, segment), Spring Breakers (2012)

Harmony Korine op IFFR

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