Hanno Baethe

Hanno BAETHE (1947, Germany) is a director and cinematographer known for Yearning for Sodom (1989), Stay Just a Moment (1990) and Boom Boom Bang (1998). He has produced many documentaries and experimental videos, which have been shown in festivals in Berlin, Bonn, Saumur, Montbéliard, Tokyo and elsewhere. He currently teaches at the SFB in Berlin and continues to produce many films.


(selection) Flugsand (1984, short), Sehnsucht nach Sodom/Yearning for Sodom (1989, short doc), Das Wesen der Verwandlung (1990, co-dir), Stay Just a Moment (1990, short), Emmett Williams Reads My Life in Flux - and Vice Versa: Live and Nonstop (1992), Boom Boom Bang (1998, doc)