Guillermina Buzio

Guillermina Buzio op IFFR

Guillermina BUZIO (Argentina) is a Toronto-based artist. She holds a BA from the National University of Fine Arts in Buenos Aires, a Bachelor of Media Arts from the Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design in Vancouver, and an MFA from the OCAD University in Toronto. As a visual artist she has worked in a diverse range of media, including video installation and performance. 


Pepe (2002, short), Through Your Eyes (2002, short), (2006, short), 85% (2006, short), Black (2007, short), Shade (2007, short), The Burning House (2008, instal), The Process of Making Consistent (2009, short), Performing Borders (2010, instal), Boundaries (2015, instal), Chacarita (2016, short)

Guillermina Buzio op IFFR

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