Gabriel Lester

Gabriel Lester

Still: Dig It

Gabriel LESTER (1972, The Netherlands) is an inventor, visual artist and filmmaker whose works vary from spatial installations, video installations, sculptures, performances to films. He studied at St. Joost Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Breda and attended the St. Lucas Academy, Brussels. Lester's creations are fuelled by his desire to tell stories and establish contexts that support them or propose a new unique narrative interpretation. Dig It (2024) is selected for IFFR.


(all short) The Last Smoking Flight (2010), The Big One (2011), Murmur (2016), Samsara/Aeon (2018), The Remigrant (2019), The End (2020), Second Sight (2022), Protest Swimmers/Be Nice (2023), Dig It (2024)

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