Friedl vom Gröller

Friedl vom Gröller op IFFR

Friedl vom GRÖLLER (1946, United Kingdom) grew up in Vienna and Berlin. She studied photography at the Graphic Instruction and Research Institute in Vienna and made her first films in 1968. Gröller founded both the School for Artistic Photography in 1990 and the School for Independent Film in 2006 - both schools are in Vienna. Her work has been screened at several festivals and institutions in Europe and North America.


(selection, all short) Delphine de Oliviera (2009), Passage Briare (2009), Polterabend (2009), Ulrich Gregor and Heidi Kim at the W Hong Kong Hotel (2011), Gaelle Obiegly (2011), Menschen am Sonntag (2011), Atelier D´Expression (2016)

Friedl vom Gröller op IFFR

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