Fred Worden

Fred WORDEN (USA) studied English literature and film. He has been an editor, director of a gallery and university researcher in the field of film making. At present, he is assistant professor in the fine arts in the Department of Visual Arts at the University of Maryland, Baltimore. His experimental films are screened worldwide at festivals and in museums for modern art, including the Whitney Museum in New York and Centre Pompidou in Paris.


(all short) Boulevard (1989), How the Hell I Ripped Jack Goldstein's Painting In The Elevator (1989), Breakout (1990), Introduction to the Secret Society (1992), One (1998), Automatic Writing (2001), The Or Cloud (2002), If Only (2003), Amongst the Persuaded (2004), Blue Pole(s) (2005), Here (2005), Every Day Bad Dream (2006), Time’s Arrow (2007), The After Life (2007), North Shore (2007), When Worlds Collude (2008), 1859 (2008), Possessed (2010)