Frank Scheffer

Frank SCHEFFER (1956, the Netherlands) graduated in 1982 from the Dutch Film and Television Academy. Before that he studied at the Academy for Industrial Design in Eindhoven and followed courses in experimental film by Frans Zwartjes. Scheffer has a long-standing reputation as a maker of experimental documentaries about musical masters of the 20th century. For the 40th edition of IFFR, he made the creative documentary Tiger Eyes (2011). The filmmaker founded Allegri Company, a production company that is specialised in music and and documentaries.


Ionisation (1978), Zoetrope People (1982), Avalokiteshvara (1983, TV), A Day (1985), Via-via (1986, short), Stop-Era I & II (1987), Wagner's Ring (1987, short), Stoperas I & II (1987, short), Time is Music (1987), Chessfilmnoise (1988), Études solares (1988), Obsession (1989), The Final Chorale (1990), Landscapestudy I & II (1991), And the Eareye Seeshears I (1991), De Natuurlijke Ruimte/The Nature of Space (1992), Eclat (1993), Five Orchestral Pieces (1994), Lent, Vague, Indecis (1994, short), The Hidden Front (1995), From Zero, A Group of Films (1995), From Zero, the Documentary (1995), Helicopter String Quartet (1996), Conducting Mahler (1996), De weg/The Road (1997), Sonic Acts (1998), Kontakte (1998), Touch (1998), Attrazione d'amore (1998), Voyage to Cythera (1999), Epoxy (1999), Music for Airports (1999), Ring 2000 (2000, short), Chromosonic (2000, short), The Present Day Composer Refuses to Die (2000, short), In the Ocean (2001, short), Chessonic (2001, short), From Zero, the Installation (2001, short), Zappa - Phase II, The Big Note (2002), Something Old Something New in Red Green and Blue (2002, short), A Labyrinth of Memory (2003), Quintet (2003, short), Mahler: Ich bin der Welt abhanden gekommen (2004), Tea (2005), Streaming Past, Present Moments (2005, short), To Be and Not To Be (2009, short doc), The One All Alone (2009, doc), Eastern Voices (2010, short), Tiger Eyes (2011, short doc), Gozaran/Time Passing (2011), How To Get Out of The Cage (A Year with John Cage) (2012), Seven Stones (2014, short), Tribute to Art #2 (2015, co-dir), De waarneming/Perception (2016, doc), Het innerlijk landschap/The Inner Landscape (2019)

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